Permanent makeup and scar camouflage for Transgender Clients

Permanent makeup and scar camouflage for transgender clients is becoming ever more popular and I have worked with many transgender clients wishing to feminise their facial features before they consider full surgical options, as well as scar camouflage for areas that have already been surgical enhanced.

By having permanent makeup applied to your brows, eyes and lips you can develop a soft, feminine blush of natural looking colour or achieve a brighter, ‘made-up’ look if you prefer.

The ‘Brow Feminisation’ treatment will create an elegant feminine arch, which opens your eyes and creates a feminine ‘lift’ to your whole face. These can be build up with tiny natural hairstrokes for the most natural effect or with a shadow effect for a more defined shape.

The ‘Lip Feminisation’ treatment will add greater volume to your lips by enhancing and defining the shape of the cupids bow with either a natural blush of colour or a brighter lipstick look. Fuller lips with a healthy blush of colour can help to achieve a characteristic womanly appearance.

The ‘Eye Feminisation’ treatment uses an eyeliner technique to add greater definition to your eyes by adding tiny dots of colour at the base of your lashes to achieve the appearance of thicker lashes.

A full eyeliner can be fine, medium or thick and with carefully considered placement, can alter the shape of your eyes to widen them or to create a sultry almond appearance.

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