Can I suntan with a medical tattoo?

Scar camouflage with Skin toned medical tattooing by Jo Bregazzi


Sun tanning with scar camouflage medical tattoo

Can I suntan with a medical tattoo?  This is the question I always get asked!

When you have a sun tan, the colour of your skin darkens due to increased production of melanin by the skin cells. Medical tattooing for scars involves pigmenting the scar tissue to match the surrounding skin colour, disguising the scar.

If you suntan after having a medical tattoo for scars, the colour of your surrounding skin will darken.

Depending on the depth and intensity of the tan, the tattooed scar may become more noticeable as the surrounding skin darkens and the colour of the scar remains the same.

This can make the tattooed area appear slightly lighter or more visible compared to the rest of the tanned skin.

To maintain the best possible results of medical tattooing for scars, I always recommend you protect the tattooed area from sun exposure.


Using sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (50 SPF) and wearing protective clothing can help prevent the tattooed area from darkening or fading when exposed to the sun.

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