Medico-Legal Reports

I offer a medico-legal assessment and report service for solicitors acting on behalf of their clients.   

Initial client consultation / assessment -£50

Report Preparation- £95

This service is for your clients who have scars resulting from injury or surgery and for clients who have had poorly executed permanent makeup.     

Medico legal assessments and reports for scars by Jo Bregazzi

Medico legal assessments and reports for scars by Jo Bregazzi    

The report will include the following:

  • My clinical assessment of the scar/ skin under the permanent makeup.
  • The treatments that I would recommend.  (This only includes information as far as my experience extends, which includes scar camouflage makeup, scar camouflage with medical micropigmentation, medical tattooing, microneedling scar therapy for hyper/hypopigmentation and resurfacing of scar texture, use of serums and microneedling combined treatments )
  • The number of treatments that may be required.
  • Time frames between treatments.
  • Possible commencement of treatment plans, based on the age of the scar and where is currently is in the healing phase.
  • All associated costs of treatments, cost of scar cover products.
  • Short and long term treatment plans.
  • Five and ten year cost projections for products and /or treatment plans. 

If you are a solicitor working on behalf of your client and you require a medico-legal assessment and report of your clients scarring, then please follow these steps:

  • Send a written request, via email, accompanied by an appropriate signed authority and/or the express permission of the patient.
  • State the nature and purpose of the report. 
  • Provide information of how the scar was obtained, the age of the scar, any other treatments the client may have previously had on the scar, and silicon dressings used and if there were any infections in the scar during the healing process.
  • Provide photos of the scar, to include; photos taken at arms length distance from the scar, close up photos and photos that include a ruler next to the scar clearly indicating the size of the scar.
  • Please provide any relevant medical records that will help me to prepare the report.


  • Please pay up front, prior to me commencing any work on the report.
  • Bank transfer details will be emailed to you.
  • If payment and required documents have been sent and received by 1 pm I will commence the report and send it on the same day as payment. (This only applies if I have seen and approved your request, you have sent all the required information to me and you have had an acknowledgement from myself, that I have received what I require to produce the report) 
  • If payment and required documents are received after 1 pm, the report may be sent on the following day.

Please email me at if you have any questions or would like to request an assessment and report.