“The whole experience from start to finish was of the highest standard of
professionalism. I always felt at ease through everything due to Jo’s friendly and calming effect. I am delighted with the results and it has given me so much more confidence with my appearance.” Shirley Gennoe. Lower eyeliner, Eyebrow and Natural lip contour definer and blush shading


“I found Jo to be very friendly though professional. She made me feel so much at ease and kept me informed throughout the procedure. I’m really happy with the results and would have no hesitation in returning for further treatment in the future. I’d say to anyone who was nervous but considering having permanent cosmetics then go for it and contact Jo Bregazzi as the results for me turned out great and makes me feel more confident. I wear contact lenses and having the eyeliner procedure has made my life/morning routine etc so much easier.” Theresa Patterson.  Upper eyeliner and lower lash enhancement


“My eyebrows are brilliant- much more defined and something I could never achieve myself with an eyebrow pencil. Jo took a lot of time to get them just right and it was all very relaxed and enjoyable and I was put at ease during the treatment.I would recommend Jo if anyone were thinking about having a treatment. You do have to remember the aftercare routine for a couple of weeks – remembering to put the special healing balm and keeping the area dry, but it’s worth it!” Maggie Uphill.  Eyebrow enhancement, eyelash enhancement, natural lip contour
definer and full lip tint


“I was nervous about the whole procedure, but Jo put me at ease. I had lots of time to get the shape right and Jo’s knowledge and experience helped me to choose the right colour and shape.I didn’t feel rushed and everything was explained to me beforehand. Since having the eyebrow enhancement it has given me a lot more confidence and has given me extra time in the morning.The treatment wasn’t painful, quite relaxing in fact and the after care was easy to keep up with.” Louise D. Hairstroke eyebrow enhancement
“I have had 2 treatments and been very happy with the consultation, treatment and aftercare both times. I was nervous with my first treatment but was made to feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend Jo Bregazzi for any permanent cosmetic enhancement.” Kelly L.  Eyebrow enhancement and eyelash enhancement


“I was very much put at ease during my treatment. I would recommend Jo to my friends and family as it felt a very safe procedure and with pleasing results. If anyone is considering a treatment, then you do have consider the cost, but given the resulting confidence the procedure gives, it is money well spent for me. Lack of eyebrows effected my everyday life, i.e. low self-esteem.There is little risk because good hygiene and thorough groundwork eliminates this and I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone. There is a lot of time spent getting things right and therefore I can appreciate the cost.” Christine H.   Eyebrow enhancement