Mentorship days in Scar Camouflage

Six solutions to help you build your confidence as a scar camouflage  practitioner 

I offer very exclusive Mentorship, Masterclasses & Training in Scar Camouflage.

These include One-to-One shadow days, One-to-One mentorship days or zoom calls for practitioners already trained in medical tattooing, paramedical tattooing, scar camouflage or inkless tattooing.

These days will be excellent for you if your treatments are not going to plan, or you feel the treatment outcome is not what you expect.

Furthermore, if you would like some extra help with managing client expectations, more guidance, advice or clinical knowledge, then these days are designed for you.

Mentorship Masterclasses & Training in Scar Camouflage with Jo Bregazzi, Master Medical Tattooist of 12 years

So what can I offer you in a One-to-One session with me?

I have an unusual combination of background and skills that are absolutely relevant to helping you develop your own skills, knowledge, confidence and career.

So what experience do I have, that you can learn from?

Registered Nurse

I’ve been a registered nurse since 1996 and have 14 years’ NHS and private nursing experience. I was a ward sister on a very busy medical assessments unit in Oxford and I’ve worked in A&E departments, high dependency units (HDU), chemotherapy and cancer care units.

Some of the most informative areas of nursing experience I have had, that I refer to on a daily basis for medical tattooing, were; breast surgery, head and neck surgery, dermatology (with the skin) and community nursing where I would devise and write daily wound care treatment plans, apply specific and bespoke dressings and manage scar minimisation.

During my dermatology and community nursing experience, I was able to watch how wounds would heal, these included surgical wounds, accident wounds, burns, skin grafts etc.

Through daily assessing, measuring, photographing and documenting my patients’ healing process, I was able to see how a wound generally heals from the wound bed, (bottom of the wound) upwards to the top of the wound, through the granulation process. This gives me a really good visual image in my mind of what I’m trying to tattoo into!

PMU Artist and Medical Tattooist

I’m also a fully qualified and licensed medical tattooist and permanent makeup artist.

Over the last 13 years, I have been treating medical tattoo clients every single weekday and have worked on hundreds of scars. 

Artist, Designer and Lecturer

I also have a 1st class BSC Hons Degree in Design and a level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching.
I’ve written many modules and course and taught for 9 years; teaching art, design, environmental psychology and interior architectural design within my role as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton. 

An odd mixture, I know, but when put together, all this experience gives me the confidence to know I have the skills to help you learn, so you can move forward in your own business and self confidence.

My promise to you

My promise to you is that I’ll share with you all of my knowledge that I’ve gained since 1996 when I first trained as a nurse, all the way through until today, from my own experiences; the good, the easy, the difficult and the stressful parts of my own career in medical tattooing.

Contact me through email or WhatsApp on 07518 045471 to enquire about any of the above options.