About Jo Bregazzi Cosmetic & Medical Permanent Makeup & Aesthetics

Hi, I’m Jo Bregazzi here at Jo Bregazzi Cosmetic and Medical Permanent Makeup & Medical Aesthetics.

Jo Bregazzi Cosmetic and Medical Permanent Makeup & Aesthetics


I’m an experienced registered nurse, qualified and licensed medical tattooist, permanent makeup practitioner, artist and designer. I am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and adhere to the NMC Code of Conduct, ensuring patient safety. I have also been a trainer for Natural Enhancement UK Ltd in London.

I’m also a wife, a bonus mum to a 14 year old son and a furbaby mum to Jake the dog, 2 ferrets and a bearded dragon! I love walking in the forest and on the hills for relaxation and to give my eyes a rest from all the close up work I do everyday.

My clinical nursing experience

Ok, so I feel ancient saying this, but I qualified in 1996 as a registered nurse (RN)! After qualifying, I went on to gain valuable clinical nursing experience in Stoke-on-Trent, Oxford, Telford and Shrewsbury and in many nursing specialities, including dermatology, head and neck surgery, breast surgery, chemotherapy day care unit, accident and emergency, respiratory medicine, cardiothoracic surgery, cardiology and medical and surgical units.

I worked my way up the ladder and became a ward sister on a medical assessment unit before I moved back to Shropshire to be closer to my family.

My most recent nursing role was within district nursing where I loved being part of the community nursing team and working with patients at the end of their life and with their families.

My artistic background

At the same time as working part time in nursing, I also spent 9 years lecturing in art and design, which included years of studying the human face and form. This gave me an especially keen eye for detail and shading and enabled me to achieve personal, beautiful results by artistically infusing colour, highlights and shadows giving as natural a result as possible.

I then trained in Advanced Micropigmentation with leading, world renowned trainer, Tracey Simpson of Natural Enhancement (UK) and qualified to advanced, master level in cosmetic and medical tattooing, correction and removal of permanent makeup, scar camouflage and areola reconstruction.

I feel this unique combination of medical and artistic experience, enables me to feel very confident that I can achieve lovely, natural results. However, every result will obviously be different for every scar.

In the same way as throughout my nursing career, I love helping clients feel better about themselves. I love spending time working with my clients, to achieve a look that is perfect for you which will increase your self confidence.

Since training in Micropigmentation, I have seen how the treatments can have such an overwhelming and positive effect on a wide variety of people, from those who are starting to feel ‘invisible’ with the loss of facial colour and definition we experience as we get older, to people fed up with pencilling their eyebrows and eyeliner every day, or those who are undergoing chemotherapy and have lost their eyebrows completely.

As an artist, I enjoy using my painting skills to camouflage scar tissue and to create 3D nipples and areolas. This is such rewarding work. I feel very lucky to be able to help people increase their self confidence by doing something I love.

I work within a purposefully designed and licensed treatment room, regularly inspected by the council licensing department. As I operate from a residential property, I can offer quiet surroundings, privacy and free parking. This also makes for a friendly and calm environment for your treatment.

My specialist treatments that I can offer you here at Jo Bregazzi Cosmetic and Medical Permanent Makeup & Medical Aesthetics

Jo Bregazzi giving a mentorship day for another practitioner

I believe that keeping up to date with courses and new techniques, keeps my work fresh so I can offer beautiful, natural looking permanent cosmetic makeup and medical tattooing. 

I specialise in…

Medical tattooing
Scar camouflage 
Nipple and areola tattooing
Cleft palate symmetry correction 
Softening of burn scars with micro needling

Permanent makeup – Brows
Microblading –  Brows
Permanent makeup – Eyeliner
Permanent makeup –  LipsCorrection of Permanent Makeup and Microblading
Transgender clients- Permanent makeup and scar camouflage for Transgender Clients

Gender reassignment patients. Permanent makeup and post surgical medical tattooing for gender reassignment patients.


Quality permanent makeup finish at Jo Bregazzi Cosmetic & Medical Permanent Makeup & Medical Aesthetic

I only use medical grade equipment and a gentle technique similar to tattooing but using effective numbing creams to make it very

gentle on the skin’s sensitive areas.

You can choose a very natural, subtle look or a more made-up look to rejuvenate your youthful looks by adding just a blush of colour to replace your natural glow lost through the aging process.

I truly believe in ensuring an excellent quality service by providing thorough, detailed consultations and advice. I will ensure you are seen in a relaxed, professional, unhurried environment, providing as much time as necessary for you to be absolutely certain of the design, shape and colour of your new permanent cosmetic makeup.


In addition to applying permanent makeup, I can also lighten and remove it! Permanent makeup correction of old and unwanted

colour and shape, carried out by other practitioners, is now becoming very popular and a frequent treatment that I perform. I can remove or lighten your existing permanent makeup, adjusting asymmetry or odd colours in lips or eyebrows to create a far more flattering look.


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