Permanent Makeup Procedure – what to expect when you come for a treatment

Step 1: Consultation

Jo applying permanent makeup to her client

Jo applying permanent makeup to her client

Jo will begin your treatment with a comprehensive consultation to discuss the range of designs, shapes and colours available and you will be advised on how Permanent make-up can enhance your natural features. Jo will work with you to create your look in conventional make-up and you can try different styles and colours until you are happy with the effect.

An anaesthetic and pigment patch test will be applied and a medical health questionnaire and consent form will be discussed.

Your consultation will usually last for approximately 45 minutes and can be held either on a separate day prior to your procedure or on the day of your procedure.

If you book a consultation on the same day as your procedure, then a pre-procedure pack, including a patch test, will be sent to you at least three days prior to your procedure appointment.

Step 2: First pigment infusion

The pigment infusion process only takes place once you have agreed on the design and colour. Jo achieves your new look using the Cosmedic device and medical grade pigments, which meet all European health and safety requirements.

Permanent makeup is achieved using an advanced and gentle form of tattooing, during which very effective numbing creams are used.

Immediately after the infusion process your enhancement will display mild redness and swelling which may last for up to 48 hours. The enhancement will be a darker shade (approximately 40% darker) than desired for 7-10 days gradually fading to a result which lasts for years.

Step 3: Follow up session

A follow up control session is recommended 1 month later. This gives you time to live with your new look and discuss with Jo the colour and shape. Jo will assess how the colour has settled into your skin and any fine tuning in detail or shape can also be altered at this control session.

This session is included in the initial price.

Step 4: Boost the colour

To ensure your enhancement retains its definition and beautiful colour, we recommend a colour boost application, 12-15 months after the initial procedure, at a much reduced price.

The pigments are designed to fade in your skin over time and this give us flexibility, allowing you to adjust the shade and depth of colour to suit you as your skin matures.