Shows different skin tones and skin colour swatches for scar camouflage

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup artist, Nottinghamshire

From permanent eyebrow and eyeliner enhancements to lip blush tattoos with invisible outlines, Jo Bregazzi is a highly skilled permanent makeup artist and an experienced registered nurse.

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Medical Tattooing

Medical tattooing, UK

Jo Bregazzi is an experienced, registered nurse and has 11 years’ experience in medical tattooing for:

Patients with alopecia, areola reconstruction, scar camouflage, stretchmark camouflage and hair loss camouflage.

Medical Tattooing Gallery
Correction & Removal

Permanent makeup removal, Nottinghamshire

Jo offers an award winning, gentle treatment for old & unwanted microblading, permanent makeup & scalp micropigmentation.

If you need your pigment lightened or removed, then you can book a consultation with Jo online.

Correction & Removal Gallery