Scar camouflage with medical tattooing for skin grafts

Scar camouflage for skin grafts by Jo Bregazzi

Scar camouflage with medical tattooing for skin grafts

Skin grafts can be quite fragile as the donor graft has been taken from another area of the body and has been sutured over the area where skin cancer, or an old tattoo or birth mark has been removed.

The graft gradually heals onto the receiving site and is fed oxygen from the tiny capillaries underneath, which grow to get blood supply to the new skin.

When camouflaging a skin graft with medical tattooing, it’s vital that I work very gently and very superficially because we don’t want to damage the capillary structure feeding blood and oxygen to the skin graft.

Camouflage tattooing is never advised until about at least two years after the operation.

Depending on where the skin has been taken from for the graft, there may be tiny hairs growing from the skin (such as under arm hair) .

You would need to either shave this regulary or if you want to remove the hair permanently, then you would need to have this done by a hair removal specialist, before having scar camouflage with me.

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