Powdered brows, Nano brows & Microbladed brows

Powdered & Microbladed Brows

To achieve combined powdered & microbladed brows, I use both a digital machine and needle, as well as a manual microblade.

This combination adds subtle, fine hair strokes that simulate the effect of real, 3D textured brows, over the top of a soft, powdered effect.

Microbladed brows

Microbladed hairstrokes by Jo Bregazzi

Fine hairstrokes are added to the skin using a tiny tool that has several pins in a row that flick over the skin. So not a blade at all!

The pins make fine, superficial grooves in the skin, where the pigment is rubbed in. During the healing process the skin heals the pigment within the hairstroke, shaped grooves.

Ombre or powdered shaded brows

Powdered brows, Jo Bregazzi, Mansfield

This treatment gives an overall or graduated mist of colour which looks like a powder makeup has been applied.

The powdered technique adds a defining shadow and shape to your brows. Ideal for added definition but to maintain a natural look under your own hair.

The design process

At an initial consultation, I will spend time understanding what you are looking for. I will then test out colours on your forehead and advise on the best colour and shape to suit your natural features, brow structure and skin tone.

Using an eyebrow pencil, I will work with you, until you are happy with your new brow shape.

I do not use stencils as everyone’s face shape requires an individual approach to design.

Then I’ll take very careful measurements and bone structure reference points, to achieve the best shaped brow for your face shape.

At this point, we can both decide if any tweeks need to be made to the design.

The colour pigments are personally mixed to suit your natural colouring and you can be involved in this process as much or as little as you want to be.