Lightening/Removal or Colour Correction of Permanent Makeup

If you have permanent makeup that has faded to an unnatural colour or is not as lovely as you thought it would be, then I specialise in the correction and/or the removal of permanent makeup. Both shape and colour errors that have resulted from treatments carried out elsewhere, can be fully lightened, removed or just lightened in some areas to help achive the shape you are looking for.

Quality issues in the permanent makeup industry

This industry is booming! One-day courses are popping up everywhere with even cheaper price tags than the previous year. However, the permanent makeup and microblading industry is still not regulated by a governing body and practitioners do not need to be medically trained or level 3 beauty therapists to perform invasive permanent makeup and microblading treatments on your face.

Anyone can move from their day job in an office, for example, to attending a one-day course and then be able to put a pigment that is pretty permanent into people’s faces within that same week.

This industry is fast becoming the quick ‘get out of my day job‘ solution for many people who have never worked with people’s skin or immune system before, or who have never had any kind of art background.

It’s quite scary and because these courses are becoming so accessible and cheap, there will always be some technicians who choose to dive straight into their practice on clients, without honing their skills, or choose to use cheap, low quality pigments that, after a few months or even weeks, leave a very unnatural colour in the skin.

My experience

I have corrected many clients’ eyebrows that have changed to colours such as, salmon pink, orange, khaki, grey and blue following procedures carried out in various areas in the country. In fact, nearly 10%* of my work is colour and shape correction or lifting out the pigment and lightening old pigment from years ago. (*figures from January 2018 to March 2022)

I always use very high quality pigments and needles and will never cut costs on these essential tools of the trade.

From my extensive background in art, painting with acrylics and watercolours for many years, I am confident I have an eye for blending colours to correct the unnatural looking pigments left in the skin.

The Correction Process

The correction process takes place over several treatment sessions by lightening or ‘lifting’ the pigment out of the skin using either a saline removal method called Botched Ink®, or a mild glycolic acid removal method.

In addition to lightening or removal, other methods can be used to correct unwanted shapes and colours, such as, colour correction, neutralisation and highlighting.

See some examples in the gallery below. 

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