Lip blush tattoo

Lip blush tattoo

A lip blush tattoo is a form of permanent makeup for lips and is the ultimate treatment to give you either a subtle blush of natural lip colour or a zesty pop of colour that will make your morning routine quicker. Now we all need that, don’t we?!

No constant reapplication of lipstick throughout the day!

Permanent makeup lip blush tattoo gives you a soft ‘daytime’ look as the pigment sits under the skin, so is not as opaque as lipstick that sits on top of the skin.

Lip blush tattoo colour choice

I will assess the undertones of your natural lip colour and decide whether you need to go for a warm or cool colour tone.

After that, you and I choose the colour together, based on your skin tone and what pigment suddenly makes you look awake, fresh and glowing.

We all know the feeling when we try on a lipstick or a dress and the colour suddenly either drains the colour from our faces or it makes us look really healthy. Well that’s the same feeling we get when we choose a lip pigment. 

The lip blush tattoo treatment plan consists of two sessions 6-8 weeks apart.

The second session may not always be required but it allows me to even out colour and fill in any little gaps.

After this treatment, all you’ll need is a clear gloss or lip balm to bring out the colour and keep your lips soft and supple during the day.

For a bolder evening look, you can still apply your favourite lip stick over the top.