Annual Colour Boosts for Permanent Makeup


Permanent Makeup vs Semi-Permanent Makeup

The Permanent Makeup industry refers to ‘Semi-Permanent Makeup’ as ‘Permanent Makeup’. This is for legal reasons as we have to inform our clients that often the pigments do not fully disappear and break down in the skin and can leave a shadow of colour in the skin for many years.

Why do we need annual colour boosts for our Permanent Makeup?

Whilst most of us would like our Permanent Makeup to be fully ‘permanent’ with no need for annual maintenance, unfortunately, our skin and immune systems have other ideas!

The skin is an ever-changing canvas to work on and the oils in our skin can dilute the pigment over time, the immune system breaks the pigment particles down and the sun and chlorine fades and bleaches the pigment.

However, I like to see this as a good thing, as we then have the opportunity to change the colour, shape and occasionally the position of pigment over time. A brow design that suits us in our 20’s or 30’s may not suit us at all in our 40’s or 50’s.

Therefore, annual colour boosts are necessary to ‘maintain’ the definition and clarity of the hairstrokes and pigment, ensuring your permanent makeup looks great all the time and of course we have the chance to make changes as your face changes over time.

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