Correction of Permanent Makeup Mistakes

Jo Bregazzi specialises in the correction of undesirable permanent makeup colour and shape errors that you had carried out at another clinic.

Unfortunately, some technicians use cheap, low quality pigments that after a few months or even weeks, leave a very unnatural colour in the skin.

Jo has corrected many clients’ eyebrows that have changed to colours such as, salmon pink, orange, khaki, grey and blue following procedures carried out by other technicians. In fact nearly 80%* of Jo’s work is colour and shape correction. (*figures from January to June 2014)

We always use very high quality pigments and needles and will never cut costs on these essential tools of the trade.

As Jo has an extensive background in art, painting with acrylics and watercolours for many years, she has an eye for blending colours to correct the unnatural looking pigments left in the skin.

The correction has taken place over several treatment sessions using non-laser tattoo removal, colour correction and neutralisation and highlighting.

See some examples in the gallery below. Contact Jo today or book your consultation online if you need Jo to correct any permanent makeup mistakes for you.