How many sessions of scar camouflage are needed?

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How many sessions of scar camouflage are needed?

The number of sessions of scar camouflage with medical tattooing that you would need can vary depending on several factors, including the size and severity of the scar, the desired outcome and your individual healing capabilities. Typically, multiple sessions are required to achieve desired results.

I always recommend at least two sessions and sometime 4 sessions, 6-10 weeks apart and then once the skin has healed, we can then assess how the ink is settling and healing in the scar and decide if any further treatments are needed.

It is best to email me some photos and a brief description of your scar and I will be able to advise either a treatment plan with me or I may have to recommend you for a different treatment first, before having medical tattooing with me.

The information I would need would be:

  • Photos, close up and from arms length distance
  • The age of the scar
  • How you got the scar?
  • Did you have any infection, delayed healing or reopening of the scar?
  • Have yoy had any other treatments on the scar?

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