Planned reopening from 26th August 2020

All the best things are worth waiting for!
Your treatments are on their way… but it will be a safe, slow and phased reintroduction of treatments!

**Please take time to read these important details that will apply to you, especially if you have appointments booked in with me.
 Well, we all seem to be gaining some sort of normality but it’s still got a long way to go yet. Some children won’t be going back to school before the summer holidays and we are only just starting to be able to see friends and family.

I know some people have stuck to the government guidelines by the book and others are taking a much more relaxed and carefree approach. 
As a practitioner and nurse, I have to abide by government and scientific advice and have sought guidelines from advisory bodies such as the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) and Save Face for aesthetic practitioners.

I have thought very long and hard to make such a difficult decision and need to be safe and unfortunately, my treatments are not just 15-20 minutes, like having fillers or anti wrinkle injections. We will be in a treatment room together for long periods of time and up close to each others faces despite wearing face masks. Although the virus numbers are reducing well, the virus is still able to be passed on from people who are completely unaware that they have it and I could pass it on to someone more at risk. 

So I have now put together some details of my reopening schedule, reasons as to why I have made these choices, some information for when you next come for your appointments and a timetime of when I will be trying to rearrange your appointment for.

Please have a read through to the end as this is where the timetable for reintroducing the treatments can be found.

Thank you for all your support and patience! 

Phased reintroduction of treatments based on my risk assessment.

The information below in this email is some of the advice released by the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) and Save Face for aesthetic practitioners. I have considered all aspects of safety for both you, your family and myself and my family and have decided that, due to the long duration of my treatments and the close proximity to your faces and mucous membranes, (nose, eyes and mouths), I will be delaying opening for treatments until the end of August.

I will then reintroduce more treatments as time goes on and we move forward with more information regarding the any potential risks of a second peak in the coronavirus.

If I need to review this plan at a later date, I will let you know.

Important information about your appointments.

In order to reintroduce treatments based on my risk assessment, I will need to take every appointment out of my diary from 20th March until 25th.August.

You will receive a cancellation email and/or text message from the booking system.

Please don’t worry though, I will have a list of everyone’s name and treatment that has been booked, as well as deposits paid and I will be finding new appointments that fit into my risk factor time frame.

Some peoples’ appointments will be brought forward and unfortunately, some will be delayed a bit longer.

I am not booking any new clients or treatments in until I have rearranged and completed all those treatments already in my appointment system. I have a waiting list for new clients.

Either Elisa or I will email or call you with new appointment options for your treatment.

**Please do not try to rearrange these yourself online for this phase of reorganisation, as I will get in a right mess!

Thank you!


I understand fully that many of you are really keen to have your treatments but I have toconsider my client group as a whole and I am well aware that it will be me who will be thelink between those of you who may never meet. Such close proximity and long duration of the treatments increases the risk of spreading the virus dramically.

If you are not happy to wait for your appointment and find someone open earlier, then that’s fine but please let me know so I can reallocate your appointment.


If you have already had part of your treatment with me, then I will not be able to give a refund as all of the cost of the treatment is for the first session, as this is where most time is spent on the consultation, colour mixing, design and mapping out, as well as the actual treatment itself. The follow up is a complimetary perfecting treatment.

If you have booked in for a treatment which I have not yet started and would prefer to find someone opening earlier than myself, then I am happy to refund you 90% of your deposit. I will need to retain 10% so I can cover bank charges for accepting and refunding of your payment.

Advice to be applied to all foreseeable future treatments, extracted from the BACN and Save Face.


· Minimise contact time with clients.

I will be conducting consultations, assessments & consent online via video calls or Whatsapp.

I will also be starting to use software for online consent forms.


·Treatment contact time with clients should be as short as possible (ideally only up to 20 mins).

All my treatments are a minimum of 1 hour long and our faces are extremely close and so for now, I will not be performing any treatments until August.


Multiple treatments in one session will have to be avoided to reduce contact time.


·Clients must wash their hands or use hand gel before they touch anything in the clinic environment.

I have antibacterial gel by the front door and you will be asked to wash your hands before entering the treatment room.


·Clients should also wear face masks covering mouth and nose.

Ideally, please bring your own face mask but I will have surgical masks available for your use.

If you are prone to allergies, please take an antihistamine prior to treatments to limit sneezing/coughing.

I have hayfever and asthma and will do the same as I don’t want to be sneezing in the treatment room! I will continue to wear a face mask and apron as usual, but will greet you at the door with a face mask already on.


·Minimise unnecessary client belongings in the clinic.

Please only bring essential items which will be placed in a box which I can disinfect.


·Clients should attend treatments alone.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to accommodate any friends /family during your treatment time for the foreseeable future. Please ask them to wait in the car or find alternative arrangements.


·Payments should be taken remotely to avoid use of card machines and cash.

I will be taking all payments online prior to your treatment so please, if possible, use online banking the night before your treatment. I will email you my business bank details.


·Patients do not always know if they have coronavirus and the viral load can be present in the nose and throat.

I will be delaying all treatments near to, or on the mouth and nose until November 2020.


·No hugging, hand shaking, keep talking to a minimum, no laughing.

I can give you a virtual hug or hand shake at the door! As for minimising talking and laughing…I will definitely try and will have my mask on!


· Clients can not be served refreshments.

Please bring in your own water if you need to.

Timetable for recommencing treatments

July –

26th August 2020

Remain closed

Planned Reopening


26th August 2020 –

30th September 2020



PHASE 1- Reintroduction of treatments away from mucous membranes, such as eyes, lips & nasal passages & the

Shortest treatments possible – up to one hour (maximum)


  1. Brows – 2nd treatment if the initial treatment plan was not completed

  2. Brows – Annual Colour boosts – (up to one hour maximum in time).

  3. Scar Camouflage – small areas on body only (below neck)(up to one hour maximum in time)

  4. Microneedling around eyes (face mask to be worn)

  5. Areola medical tattooing


October 2020


PHASE 2- Reintroduction of eyeliner treatments & longer scar camouflage treatments

All of the above, plus

  1. Eyeliner permanent makeup

  2. Scar Camouflage – larger areas on body and face but away from mouth (face mask to be worn)

  3. New brow treatments already booked in -(Usually 2 hours long)

November 2020


PHASE 3 – Reintroduction of lip treatments

All of the above, plus

  1. Lip permanent makeup

  2. Microneedling around mouth

  3. Facial scar camouflage near mouth

December 2020


PHASE 4 – Reintroduction of high risk clients

All of the above, plus

  1. Clients over 70 years and worried about risks.

  2. Those in the coronavirus high risk group.



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