Medical Tattooing

Jo Bregazzi offers a range of medical tattoo services for you to choose from, including:

These treatments are great for helping to build your self-confidence, self esteem and body image, and often people choose to have these treatments as they prepare for a summer holiday or a special occasion, such as a wedding.

Prices of these treatments will vary as everybody’s needs are different. For example, small scar camouflage will take less time and sometimes fewer sessions than a large scar so a consultation is essential in advance of your treatment.

Scar camouflage for vitiligo

Scar camouflage for vitiligo

Jo Bregazzi has specialised in paramedical micropigmentation – otherwise known as medical tattooing, since 2011 and works in the field full time and performs treatments every day. Jo qualified as a nurse in 1996 and has vast experience in working with patients who have undergone breast surgery, both pre and post op, as well as on a chemotherapy day unit.

Jo also has extensive experience working with the skin; with scars tissue, eczema, rosacea, wounds and ulcers in dermatology units, as well as in District nursing, and gained valuable experience working for 4 years in the nursing field of head and neck surgery.

Jo now has client referrals from all over the UK and Ireland and as far as Bankok who know that Jo Bregazzi’s unique combination of medical experience and artistic talent gives the best possible results.

 Prices are listed on our price list for further information or book online today. Choose the right treatment for you from the following:

Scar Camouflage and Repigmentation of Stable Vitiligo

Permanent scar camouflage is particularly effective for disguising light coloured scars, such as stretch marks, surgical or trauma scars.

The scars should be at least 1 year old and pale coloured for safe and effective semi-permanent scar camouflage.

Suitable for trauma and surgical scars, burns and stretch marks.

Click here for more information on scar camouflage using skin coloured tattooing.

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Nipple and Areola Reconstruction

The darker circle of flesh around the nipple is called the areola which usually darkens and enlarges during pregnancy, during breast growth, weight gain or after breast augmentation.

Jo can recreate or ‘replace’ the colour and 3D shape of the nipple areola after breast reconstruction or for light coloured (hypo-pigmented) or asymmetrical areolas and also disguise the suture scars around the outside circumference of the areola after surgery.

Price includes one touch-up treatment session within two months of initial treatment. Any further colour changes or shape alterations will be £250 per appointment.

Click here for more information on nipple and areola tattooing.

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Hair Loss Camouflage

Hair Loss Camouflage is the perfect way to make your hair look thicker from the root.

If you are concerned that your hair looks thinner than it used to, especially under those unforgiving spotlights or in bright sunlight, then this treatment is perfect for you.

By precisely adding individual hair strokes to your scalp in the direction of your hair growth using a gentle cosmetic tattooing technique, this treatment can really make your hair look fuller and thicker and looks great especially when hair is worn loose.

Treatment costs start from £250 per session and two to three sessions are normally required to build up the pigment strength.

Each session can take from 1-4 hours.

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